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Whilst in hospital he came to see me nearly every day

This year I was diagnosed with a serious colon issue. I then met doctor Vanash Patel who discussed my condition and told me what he will do to sort my problem out.He was very detailed on what I would have to be done but was always very optimistic and confident that he would be undertaking my surgery to get me back to good health and promised that following the first operation I would need a second although not so much of an emergency but would get me back in as soon as time would allow. From that meeting early this year he was always in touch, got me in for my first operation and recently sorted my second operation out as promised. I was a bit worried as I heard from others as even on the news about backlogs on operations for patients even for years. Whilst in hospital he came to see me nearly every day and put any fears I had behind me. To me doctor Patel is an extremely confident person, will be honest with you and only has his patients healthcare at mind. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him, his team and all the NHS staff at Watford General Hospital for what I could see for my time in there , for their caring approach to all patients especially under the current climate with covid, Thank You,Thank You,Thank You and hope everyone can have a bit of a break this Christmas

A patient at Watford General Hospital
Vanash Patel Consultant in Colorectal and General Surgery

London, Hertfordshire and Surrey