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I now have a new lease of life

I was diagnosed with rectal cancer in January 2021. I saw Dr. Patel on 1st February to discuss findings of tests. There was a possibility that it had spread to my lungs so Dr. Patel arranged a PET scan which showed that the cancer was confined to bowels and nothing in lungs. He then decided that I would tolerate surgery and went through the options with me. Having come to a decision I was referred for surgery and had the operation on 17.3.21. During the whole process I was kept informed of what was happening and received the best possible care from Dr. Patel and all the staff at Watford General Hospital. I now have a new lease of life and look forward to the future.

A patient at Watford General Hospital
Vanash Patel Consultant in Colorectal and General Surgery

London, Hertfordshire and Surrey